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Kareem Mortimer

Kareem Mortimer is a Bahamian filmmaker who is known for such films as Chance, The Eleutheran Adventure, Float, I Am Not A Dummy, Children of God, Wind Jammers and Passage. His debut feature, Children of God, is the first narrative feature from the Caribbean with LGBT themes.

Documentaries were necessary for my growth as a person. I grew up very sheltered and it was a form of expressing myself. My goal is to work in both mediums, but I’ve been focused on feature films for the last seven or eight years of my career, solely. It broadens your market a little bit. We would like the widest audience, right, because there’s also the financial thing behind what we do. We have to raise money. There’s no infrastructure that gives grants to Bahamian filmmakers. It’s all equity.

Kareem Mortimer first started his career in the film industry when he wrote and served as one of the producers for the 1998 Bahamas Games Documentary at the age of seventeen. Since then, Kareem has made short music documentaries for the syndicated show Hip Hop Nation :Notes from the Underground; produced the short film Varmint Day, winner of Best Comedy at the Made In Miami Film Festival; served as a producer and edited the feature length documentary Where I’m From,HIV and AIDS in The Bahamas with Maria Govan (Rain) , the short narrative, Chance; produced and directed The Eleutheran Adventure, Winner of the 2006 Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Bahamas International Film Festival; Directed the documentary Chartered Course: The Life of Sir Durward Knowles; and has written and directed the short Narrative  film Float that has won 5 international awards and distribution in North America, Germany, and,Austria. Most recently he has completed the documentary I Am Not A Dummy, and the highly anticipated debut feature film Children Of God. Kareem has co-directed and produced a second feature narrative WindJammers that is in post-production and is in development of his third and fourth feature The Holiday and Cargo.

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