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Live Taping, “Men Talk/Women Listen” (NOW TV) with Producer/]Host Jan Pink

A much-needed conversation,  ““Men Talk/Women Listen is hosted by the  author of the upcoming self-titled book, Jan Pink. Pink is the, owner of WOW!  She has created a captivating talk show. You can attend the show and become a part of the audience for free.

The “Men Talk/ Women Listen” is a live one hour no-holds-barred talk radio show with a focus on business and personal
relationships and providing tools and communication styles for understanding and developing healthier relationships. Radio
Hosts Jan Pink provides thought-provoking counsel for of age audiences, races, and genders with celebrity guest, expert
counsel and people who just have a relationship and willing to share their experiences.

The show films at 5pm at Texas Southern University (TSU) in the MLK building.

Vendor opportunities available.

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